Scottish indepe…

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Scottish independence and arts :

Famous Scottish mezzo-soprano voice Karen Cargill  fears that independence for Scotland will kill arts, and said that she will move to Canada with her husband if independence is going to take place.

 She says that classical music has small audience and funding for arts in Scotland is difficult anyway, so creating additional borders would make things worse. Television producer from Edinburgh Douglas Rae thinks that the independence would affect all aspects of life not only arts, and thinks that there would be no gain for Scotts of Scottish independence.


Picasso exhibition at Tate Britain shows the great Spanish artist love for English fashion and style and let  to see his influence on other famous British artists such as Francis Bacon or David Hockney. The exhibition has more than 150 works from major public and private collections, all around the world, including 60 works of Piccasso. After privately touring the exhibition Queen Elizabeth has said that Picasso was the greatest artist of our time.

Charles Dickens:

Charles Dickens 200th birthday will be celebrated by unveiling first statue of great artist in UK in Portsmouth later this year, which costed 150.000 pounds to make. There is a statue of Charles Dickens in Philadelphia and one in Sydney, and there will finally be the one in UK. The reason why there wasn’t a statue of great writer in UK before, was that he stated, that he did not want the monument to be build for him.

Pinnacle financial problems

Tallest London skyscraper to be, known as Pinnacle or Bishopsgate tower experiencing financial problems and is on halt again. It is unclear if 64 stories building, which would be second tallest building in Europe, with planned it’s sleak and glassy desing right behind the Shard, would ever be built, because Arab investors can’t find any tenants , with only 10 per cent of 900.000 square metres being let.

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is preparing to publish her book based on diaries she was writing before and after Mwredith Kerch was killed. She spent more than 1.500 days in Italian jail, before being given a realease last year. It is thought that Amanda knox will get one of the most generous pay offs for publishing her memuars, it have sparked a bidding war between America’s wealthiest publishers: Simon & Schuster, Random House, Penguin and Harper Collins.



A new Diamond Jubilee portrait of the Queen has been released by Buckingham Palace today. The photograph, taken to mark the 60th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, was taken in the Centre Room of Buckingham Palace by John Swannell.

The Queen wears a state dress by the designer Angela Kelly, the State Diadem crown, as well as the Collet necklace, which was worn by Queen Victoria on her own diamond jubilee in 1897. This year’s jubilee celebrations will take place from 2 to 5 June.

Lucian Freud Exibition

The most ambitious exhibition of great portraitist Lucian Freuad in London Portrait gallery is showing more than a hundred his works, including some of his personal photos being taken by his assistant David Dawson. The exhibition was started being organised 6 years ago with a close collaboration with an artist himself, but he passed away last year. Senior press officer og portrait gallery Neil Evans says that this collection blah blah blah…


<<<<<<< New art gallery in Islington>>>

Independent art gallery opened its doors last week in Angel business and design centre by Lithuanian family of artists. Brothers Jurgita and Algirdas Gerlikai opened the gallery in London in order to be able to share best of Lithuanian art and most of the mainstream art here in London. Jurgita Gerlikaite, graphic artist herself, says that the most important thing they are looking in art is its uniqueness and quality.



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